Thursday, April 15, 2010


Congolese love bright colors and unique designs.  They work with fabric to create unique ways to bring the color and design together.  One of the cottage industries for young women is to learn to sew.  To have a dress or men's pants and shirt made, you choose the style, you choose the fabric (often locally made) and they measure you and produce the clothing.  Usually it works out pretty well.  Women have new dresses made for special occasions and it is not unusual to see women at a funeral or wedding in dresses out of the same fabric. 
Men are not shy about clothing either!  Men's clothing can be out of any design -- sometimes even pastel eyelet. 
Here are some examples of clothing we have seen here......
The following pictures are from Madame Dorcas's school of sewing, where young orphans are  being taught how to sew.  The dresses they are wearing are of their own creation.

Dancing at our friend's wedding, two women have new, beautifully designed dresses.

Three boys from our ward at Church in their matching outfits, shirts and shorts.

Angele and Dieudonne have established a sewing school for young women in the Montngafula Stake -- these are the clothes they have made for sale at their shop.

Elder Kola teaches a class in his classy black and white shirt.
Another special celebratory dress -- this time in a special fabric.

Our friend, Dr. Florence Ngoy, with her new baby.  Dr. Florence is wearing a dress made of fabric that celebrates the international day of the woman.

Our Site monitor Eric and his (then) fiancee Deena --- and our friend Maguy with her son.


  1. Wow these clothes are so beautiful. I wish we wore such beautiful bright clothing around here more often.

  2. Move over NY fashion! What bright fun, fabric...and refreshing to see the models are real and happy people.