Friday, April 16, 2010

Latrines for the City of Hope

In March 2009, we visited the City of Hope -- a City without much Hope actually-- on the top of a large sand pile, with little to recommend it [see blog of March 2009].  The people have worked hard, other NGO's have tried to help.  There are now community latrines (not a favorite with the population -- locked at night!), a large pavilion, and a small well, powered by solar panels.  We have received permission to create four more wells and provide latrine slabs and training for hygiene.
On April 19th, we participated with HPP and the local NGO in the symbolic distribution of the latrines to the community.  HPP has organized the community into 5 blocks with committees and an overall committee for the project.  These committees will supervise the hygiene training.

This is what the typical "before" latrine looks like, bare ground or a small hole.
This is a demontration latrine to show the people what they will need to do.

Our site monitor, Bombyck, designed a "post hole digger" to assist as people dig through the compressed sand.  Those pictured are upside down.

This hole is about deep enough, but not wide enough for good sanitation.

The local NGO, UNIVADE, was trained to produce the 8,000 latrine slabs.
Each slab has a cover for protection from flying insects.

The truck delivering the wood necessary to brace the latrine slabs struggled on the wet, sandy roads.  The first delivery was of poor wood, so Bomcyck took the 12 hour trip to hand pick wood from the lumber yard in Matadi.

Still working on the treatment of the wood!

  The ceremonial presentation of slabs was made to the heads of each committee.

At the ceremony, one latrine slab was placed.


The new latrine is located behind this house.

The committee heads are very happy.
A ceremonial (thank heavens) demonstration -- life here requires good knees.

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