Thursday, April 15, 2010

Water for Lutendeli

Lutendeli is a community which covers an area of rolling hills on the western side of Kinshasa.  The area overlooks African countryside and the section for this well, Couret, borders a pineapple plantation.  The small houses have yards -- areas to grow gardens.  Access to water has been an on-going problem.  In the area, LDS Humanitarian Services has also funded a latrine project and garden projects.
Gardeners greet us with song.

Watering the garden when there is no rain takes many hours.
This woman single-handed turned her garden plot into a garden of Eden, complete with tomatoes in small holes and a pig at the bottom of the garden.
Latrine and hygiene training included sanitation.  This a handwashing station -- pull the plug in the bidon and you have a small stream of water.

Sanitary latrine -- has a cover to keep the flies away.

The man in the pink shirt is the chief of the village.  He moved out of his house so that the pipe for the well could be stored there -- his community's treasure.

The cement stand for the water reservoir is formed.  Community members dug the trenches for the pipe to the water stations.

At the turnover ceremony, President Tabu of the Ngaliema Stake greets the crowd and turns over the well to
 the community.

President Tabu, Montgafula Mayor, Minister of Rural Development

The reservoir is filled with water and people line up to get waer at one of the five water stations.  One woman said, "I prayed for water and you brought it!"

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  1. It is good how the people are involved in the construction. I'm sure it means even more to them. It's another example of God often answers prayers through the work of willing helpers.